Getting that Slim and Healthy Body through the Rapid Fat Loss Journey


Let’s face it. No one’s getting that slim body with just the snap of the fingers. Women of today are led to believe that beauty is achieved when you get those beautiful bodies promoted by different fitness and beauty advertisements and endorsements. It is just human for women to fantasize that they too can achieve the sexiness of the models.

Upon looking on those models on televisions and magazines wearing those skimpy two-piece bathing suits, it is but normal for you to ask questions. How they achieve that kind of body? Are these women still eating? Are they for real? The good news is, you can still achieve that dream body through an effective yet safe fat loss journey without the expense of spending your wealth on medicines and surgery.

Get Rid of Traditional Thoughts

It is a common belief especially among women that burning yourself down in gymnasiums and thriving whole day on a treadmill can burn fat in an instant. It is a hoax that such practice can actually lead to that dream body. In fact, by doing so, it can lead to further complications causing hormonal imbalance, fatigue, injury, and fluid retention. It is a must then to understand your body fully before diving into fitness gyms and getting your sweat out. The rapid fat loss journey is all about understanding your body first and following certain guidelines to ensure that the process of slimming you are embarking is not compromising your health and body.

Burn that Fat Slowly but Constantly

There’s no magic formula to slimming down your body instantly. To start with your fat loss journey, you have to understand that you are what you eat. In order to burn those already accumulated fats in your belly, you have to burn them slowly but constantly. Burning down your fats is a continuous process since you continue to take in foods every day.

On the first part of your rapid fat loss journey, you need to have a good start. For the first 10 days, you can do simple exercises that would not exhaust your body immediately. During this period, you will have to practice self-control in your eating habits. There must be moderation in your calorie intake while taking limited exercise enough to burn those calories. Some of the light activities that you can do are cycling, brisk walking, jogging, or any other light exercises. At this rate, you will be in your fat-burning zone which is about 45-65% of the maximum heart rate. You have to maintain a fasted state by not taking meals 2 hours before sleeping and keeping that light exercise in the morning.

Start to Build that Body

Burning down fats can take days of practice. It is a lifestyle to you to live. However, getting that toned and shaped body does not stop with just this simple practice. You have to level up your exercise in order to tone your body. After the first 10 days, you will still continue with the fasted state practices but with the presence of second routine. You will have to include an afternoon or evening exercise session every other day. This time, the exercises you would have to do are calisthenics and other forms of body weight exercises. Some of the activities you can may include jump ropes, push-ups, running in place, jumping jacks, and other variations. This activity may be done within 20 to 40 minutes with minimal rest.

The Ultimate Burn

By this time you have develop a healthy lifestyle by following the day to day practice. In the next days, you will hit the higher intensity cardio intervals. You still have to continue to fasted state sessions. By this time, you may have developed self-control in your diet, as well as have accustomed your body to move. However, you have to replace the afternoon or evening sessions with full body exercises and cardiovascular exercises. Some of the activities you can do may include woodchopper, single leg deadlift, Turkish get-up, and bicycling effort for the cardio exercises. You need to combine these full body weight exercises with cardio activities at certain intervals. You can search on the different types of exercises over the internet and choose what you would like. You can also join different activities that would promote body building such as sports.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

There is indeed no easy road to achieving that great body without subjecting yourself to discipline. The best formula in getting in shape is to maintain a habit that would burn your fat at a certain pace and keeping that practice into action. Getting into shape is not achieved through miracles. Instead, you have to keep that healthy lifestyle in order to achieve and maintain that body. Being slim and sexy is not just for the sake of beauty. It is also for your good health and long life.

Be healthy. Be happy.


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